Brady has launched a solution to temporarily prevent access to push buttons or emergency stop buttons in order to increase safety during machine maintenance. The new Twist and Secure safety solution can easily be applied by simply twisting the cover onto a permanent base, attached underneath the push button.  A padlock locks the push button safety cover in place until maintenance is done. Brady’s push button lockout solution fits all standard control button stem diameters, and is a low cost investment that saves lives.

To increase safety during maintenance, it is possible to de-activate machinery by locking out all relevant energy sources. As long as maintenance is ongoing, the energy sources remain locked out and they cannot be reactivated unless unlocked by your maintenance workers. Brady offers an extensive range of devices and padlocks to lockout almost any type of valve or handle. The new Twist and Secure lockout adds an efficient, low cost lockout solution for push and emergency stop buttons. The removable cover is an obvious visual sign that the push button is not to be used. It is translucent enough to see the on/off status of emergency stop buttons to allow verification by your maintenance teams.

The push and emergency stop button safety solution requires a one time installation of a low profile and unobtrusive, permanent lockout base underneath the push button.

Permanent bases and safety covers are sold separately, enabling you to install permanent bases underneath all push buttons in your facilities at minimal cost. Bases and covers are available for standard push button stem diameters. Watch our video at to see how it works!

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