Detecting debris improves monitoring

Dec 16, 2013 | Flow & Level

Problem: Wastewater treatment efficiency is often measured by the analysis of treated water, which is continually extracted from the final effluent or treated sewage effluent, and passed through a flow-cell containing sensors. The readings from these sensors demonstrate that wastewater treatment has been effective. In order to prevent accumulation of debris in the flow-cell, the sample stream often passes through an inline filter/strainer. However, these filters can become blocked, which affects the quality of the monitoring. Because accumulation of debris is unpredictable, routine maintenance cannot guarantee a free-flowing filter.

Solution:  Maintenance work efficiency is improved by the use of Intellisonde monitors from Intellitect Water, which measure water quality, and also flow. The flow reading can be used to detect the accumulation of debris, which allows service engineers to prioritise/schedule maintenance visits more efficiently.
The Intellisonde FE (Final Effluent) monitor provides continuous, long term, accurate monitoring of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, ammonium, turbidity and temperature.

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