At HACH LANGE, our online TOC Analysers (BioTector) are built to overcome these problems.
2 services per year
No Calibrations required between services!

The BioTector Online TOC Analyser is entirely self cleaning; from the reactor back to the sample inlet and can analyse samples up to a thousand times larger than competing products.

  • Operate on hard to digest compounds e.g. humic acid
  • Salt tolerant up to 30%NaCl
  • Tolerates particles up to 2mm
  • TOC/TIC/TC, VOC/POC, optional: TN, Ptot
  • Options are also available to include Total Nitrogen results


BioTector works on fats, oil and greases. It is ideal for industrial applications; dairy processing, chemical processing, oil refineries, municipal treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, breweries and pulp/paper manufacturing.

  • Organic and inorganic carbon measurement in process waters
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Boiler and feed water monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Waste dump monitoring
  • Special applications

Measurements are performed over five steps:

1. Sampling

The unfiltered sample is pumped from the waste water flow into the analyser. The system determines the sample quantity independently to achieve an optimum measurement result.

2. TIC measurement

Acid is added to the sample to reduce its pH value. This forces out any inorganic carbon (TIC) in the form of CO2, a method that prevents the TIC result affecting the measurement of the organic carbon (TOC).

3. Oxidation

This is where the extremely effective oxidation process (TSAO) comes in. TSAO uses hydroxyl radicals formed inside the analyser; it sluices oxygen through the ozone generator and then adds sodium hydroxide.

4. TOC measurement

In order to force CO2 from the sample, the pH value must be reduced once more. The CO2 is then measured with a special NDIR detector and the results are shown as the total organic carbon (TOC) on the display.

5. Cleaning

The system benefits from an automatic self-cleaning function; additional manual cleaning is not required.


The usual service interval is every six months. There are spare part kits available for use at six-month services and comprehensive annual service packages.

General information

The BIOTECTOR TOC Analyser features a two-part housing made from glass fibre re-inforced plastic; this means it can be used in a corrosive atmosphere. The two-piece design means the electronics are completely separate from the sections in which the analysis is performed.

Decomposition takes place in a low maintenance reactor made from a nickel-molybdenum alloy.

The built-in microcontroller is operated via a membrane keypad.

  • Can operate with up to 30% chloride and 12% calcium sludge
  • Analyses water and waste water (even when oil and grease are present)
  • Extremely reliable: operational 99% of the time on average

Contact; tel:0161 872 1487 for more information or request a free demo.