In industries such as food, beverage, brewing, dairy and pharmaceuticals, effective CIP (clean-in-place) tank cleaning is essential to meet exacting hygiene standards. Other important cleaning considerations in these industries include reduced cycle times and low water, energy and chemical consumption. BETE?has introduced the HydroWhirl Orbitor tank cleaning machine, which has been designed to meet such standards.

The cleaner has a minimum number of moving parts, so can be stripped and rebuilt on-site in less than 15 minutes, eliminating time-consuming maintenance overhauls. HydroWhirl is also self-cleaning and self-lubricating, so there is no risk of process contamination, while its compact design means it can be fitted through small, restricted access flanges. It is suitable for large tanks (up to 130ft in diameter).

The range includes 10 standard models with options such as 2 or 4 nozzles, variable cycle times, 360° wash patterns and 180° down and up wash patterns.