A total mixing solution provided to Tanfield Foods by Advanced Engineering for a new line that came on stream in 2009 has resulted in a repeat order as the company plans to expand its production capacity yet again in 2010.

Tanfield Foods supplies major retailers, catering organisations and direct to the consumer with products ranging from soups and sauces to complete meals.

The Advanced Engineering mixers are employed principally on the soups and sauces production lines. Both have been supplied with two rotor/stator mixing head combinations to allow for different textures to be created such as smooth sauces and chunky pea and ham soup.

Mounted on stainless steel trolleys, each with an integral control panel to facilitate movement between the different cooking kettles and mixer operation, the mixers are direct drive units powered by 7.5kW AC motors.

“The Advanced Engineering mixers as an alternative to those supplied by a previous supplier,” explains engineering manager David Dunn. “We are obviously pleased with both the performance of both the mixers and the service provided by the company because we have just placed a second order for similar machines.”