Hidrostal UK has launched a range of portable, solids-handling, diesel-driven pump sets featuring the company’s centrifugal screw impeller and an innovative, automatic dry-priming system. SuperHawk pumps are currently available in 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” models.

“The new SuperHawk range represents an economical and environmentally friendly option for users of transportable diesel pumps,” says product manager Julian Williams. “These pumps have been designed from the ground up to offer low emissions and market leading fuel economy. Extensive field trials undertaken by our hire partners over a period of 12 months have indicated that the litres-per-hour fuel consumption of some models could be five times lower than that of equivalent competitor pump-sets.

“This should translate into immediate cost savings for mobile pump users who switch to SuperHawk together with an all important reduction in environmental impact. The 100-4 model can run at full load 24/7 on one standard tank of fuel. This means that in situations where pumps must be deployed over weekends or holiday periods, it will no longer be necessary to send personnel to site in order to refuel them.

“Our application experience has driven us to ensure that the design of SuperHawk pumps, including the control systems is simple, robust and very reliable. The development of our own vacuum pump, the heart of the self-priming system, has also ensured simplicity of design with the highest levels of performance and efficiency and zero environmental impact.”

All SuperHawk pump-sets are available in a variety of configurations including manual or automatic controls and trailer or skid-mounted.

These pump-sets will appeal primarily to users in the construction, water management and water treatment sectors but their ability to handle viscous and solids laden liquids makes them equally suitable for a wide variety of applications in industry and food processing.

This wide ranging capability means that SuperHawk pump-sets are suitable for emergency or interim pumping solutions as they can be quickly transported and installed to cope with a wide variety of pumping requirements.