Eaton Corporation has introduced its line of next generation proportional directional valves designed to provide integrated programmable control capabilities in sophisticated electro-hydraulic applications.

The KBS series valves are designed to support both centralised and distributed axis control architectures in high-performance applications including test simulation, blow molding, wind turbine control, metal forming, pulp and paper machinery and primary metals production.

They feature programmable onboard electronics and integral spool linear voltage differential transformer (LVDT) sensors to provide precise, accurate, responsive axis control capabilities. The initial products are offered in ISO-3 and ISO-5 sizes with rated flows of 40 LPM and 100 LPM (10.6 and 26.4 gpm) and maximum flows of 75 lpm and 180 lpm (19.8 and 47.6 gpm) respectively.

Dynamic bandwidth for the ISO-3 valves is 150 Hz and 100Hz for the larger ISO-5 models. Both have 350 bar (5,075 psi) rated A- and B-ports and 250 bar (3,625 psi) rated