Raptor features a single software package for integrated inspection lines

Made in the UK and designed for every food application and factory configuration to offset inflation, food price hikes and reduce waste and giveaway, Fortress Technology debuts its new zero-contaminant pandemic-recovery Raptor series at PPMA 2021. Including an X-Ray first.

Comprising all THREE food inspection disciplines – metal detectors, checkweighers and x-ray – plus any combination category, the Raptor series uniquely features EVERY British retailer COP digitally pre-programmed into every inspection machine before installation.

Custom built in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing centre in Banbury, the affordable end-to-end Raptor series is Fortress Technology’s most high-spec economic inspection range for washdown environments.

Responding to the wide-range of pandemic-recovery challenges, the Raptor series has been engineered to counteract wasteful and costly product giveaway. Particularly staples such as grains, sugar, soybeans, corn, farmgate produce and spices. Having topped a six year price high, these ingredient commodities, along with others, are impacting pricing strategies and profits for bakers, confectioners, producers of chilled meals, condiments, healthy eating and wellbeing products.


The Raptor Checkweigher can help improve profit margins by driving down expensive overfilling

One OEM … endless food safety possibilities

Few companies manufacture and service all three inspection equipment technologies. Let alone deploy a single software package on integrated lines and make every system sustainably compatible.

Being a single OEM for every inspection need, Fortress is paving the way to greater production integration and data-driven capabilities. European managing director Phil Brown explains: “Providing truly integrated software, a single HMI, data capture, and automatic testing addresses rising demand from customers seeking heightened food safety solutions and zero tolerance for all food contaminants.”

To help preserve capital, offset food price hikes and emerge stronger from Brexit and the pandemic, Fortress Technology’s Raptor Checkweigher and Raptor Combination systems deliver 100% reliable weight control.

Phil explains: “While giveaway is a long accepted practice to guarantee compliance with weight regulations, even nominal overfilling escalates rapidly to lost profits.”

The standard Raptor Checkweigher can weigh lightweight product packs, up to a maximum of 8 kilograms. An XL version is available for bulk applications. Operating as a standalone product feed and packing weighing unit, the Raptor Checkweigher’s modular electronics suite allows for full integration with a Fortress metal detector or x-ray machine to create a high-precision combination system when investment budgets allow. “The food safety innovation possibilities are now limitless,” exclaims Phil.

The Raptor’s debut at PPMA (Stand B01) features four different conveyor configurations, including a compact Combination Metal Detector and Checkweigher and the Fortress X-Ray first. Making this PPMA showcase a must see exhibit for food factories resetting productivity and profit margin targets.