Car parts and accessories retail specialist, MotorNuts supplies customers through an extensive online store which has a huge range of quality products from leading brands and suppliers. The huge range contains everything from bulbs to brake pads, wiper blades to wheel nuts. They have built a successful business selling everything for the modern day motorist; from garage essentials such as oils and tools; leisure accessories including all the necessities for camping and caravanning, cycle carriers, roof bars and boxes through to car care, cleaning and valeting products.

MotorNuts operate as a family business and are fully supported with their team of experts, who together have over 100 years combined experience of car parts and accessories retailing. During this time they have developed excellent relationships with their product suppliers, which in turn allows them to get the best products at the best prices to their customers. A key element of their business is the delivery of ‘goods’ to their customers on time and in perfect condition.

For some time MotorNuts had been buying packing materials as well as shredding paper to fill and pad out their customers parcels, to protect the goods during the delivery stage. This was proving both costly and messy.

MotorNuts were recommended a HSM ProfiPack packaging solution which perforated cardboard when it was fed into the machine, this helped them recycle and reuse their existing cardboard waste. The ProfiPack packaging machine also had the added benefit of helping the business to reduce their carbon footprint. They no longer had a requirement to use plastic such as bubble wrap to protect the goods when they were sent out to customers. Cardboard was just as effective in protecting the items and could be rolled to create void filling, thus eliminating movement of the items during transit.

With no added costs of packaging to their business, MotorNuts were thrilled with the outcome of using the HSM ProfiPack 425 stand-alone device. Cutting and padding are done in a single step – no time-consuming pre-cutting of the cardboard is required. The measurement scale on the device allows easy, infinitely variable adjustment of the working width. The finished packaging padding can be used for the perfect protection of the most diverse objects: as a padding mat, a padding wrap or for filling hollows.

As soon as MotorNuts saw the potential cost savings to their business and they no longer needed to buy expensive plastic packaging such as bubble wrap to send out the goods, they could confirm they had reduced their overheads and carbon footprint.

The feedback on the German engineered HSM ProfiPack machine was exceptional. It was both smooth and easy to operate and was backed by a one year warranty. They saved money and waste – never short of boxes in which their stock arrived, they now perforate and reuse the leftover cardboard from the warehouse.


“The HSM ProfiPack has been a great purchase for our business. We’ve saved money and boosted our green credentials. Previously we spent EUR 80/per month on cardboard collection services as well as buying extra packing materials such as bubble wrap. The machine paid for itself within months and will be doing so for years to come.” says Simon Mallord, Managing Director of MotorNuts Limited, UK