Endress+Hauser’s powerful tablet computer, the Field Xpert SMT70, has been recognised for its ability to create a mobile workstation in the field, even in hazardous areas. The lightweight but robust device simplifies commissioning and maintenance tasks by connecting digitally to measurement instrumentation. Now its little brother, the SMT50, is helping operators in the food & beverage, water & wastewater and life sciences industries to quickly access and share relevant data. Both devices also link directly to the Netilion platform for optimised plant asset management.

It used to be common to use PDAs (handheld PCs) to communicate with field instruments, but the technology has become obsolete. Updating them became increasingly difficult and memory storage was limited. Standard laptops are another option, but they’re cumbersome and can’t be used in potentially explosive environments. The Field Xpert SMT70 tablet has powerful, fast processors and an easy-to-read touch screen. It connects to all digitally communicating devices for simplified commissioning and maintenance, and its portability and ruggedness make it suitable for every environment, including Ex Zone 2 areas. The SMT50 has been designed to offer the same functionality in non-hazardous areas.

Store your device data centrally

Both the SMT70 and SMT50 come pre-installed with device configuration software and device drivers, so you can use them straight out of the box. The tablets work with virtually every modern field instrument, including other manufacturers’ instrumentation and systems, and can also connect to Endress+Hauser devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. They are compatible with Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology to carry out inline verification and produce the required PDF documentation. The process can continue without interruption while you receive clearly documented test results to increase system availability and potentially extend calibration intervals.

You can also partner your Field Xpert with the Netilion Library service to streamline your document and file management process. Create your digital twin from your device in Netilion Library and automatically upload configuration reports, pictures and device data to the library. Then you and your team can view, organise, access and share your files whenever and wherever you like.

Remote support

At times you may need support when commissioning, troubleshooting or maintaining your instruments. By using the Field Xpert and GoTo Assist software it is possible to allow an Endress+Hauser technical expert to access the instrument configuration remotely, just as if they were present on site. You can even use the camera to show the service engineer the problem. It’s a quick and easy way to get help with technical issues, and it’s more cost-effective than a site visit. As it doesn’t require access to your network, there are no security concerns.

Endress+Hauser is committed to working with you to optimise the intelligence that already exists in your business. For more information on how to unlock the potential of your assets, visit www.smarter-decisions.co.uk