Hydra-Cell excels in spray drying

Feed pumps are critical components in spray drying, a unique process for converting a solution, suspension or emulsion into solid powder or granules in a single step. Hydra-Cell® high-pressure spray drying feed pumps are reported to offer outstanding heavy-duty reliability, even in 24/7 operations.

Many feed materials are pre-concentrated to form viscous liquids or slurries that can be abrasive and cause severe wear to pumps with mechanical seals. Hydra-Cell pumps eliminate seal maintenance as they have no such dynamic seals and are designed to accommodate solid particles up to 500µm in diameter. Other maintenance is minimal and easily carried out in-situ.

Compact and with a small footprint, Hydra-Cell pumps are also designed to run-dry without incurring damage; further system protection should the feedstock run out and a guard against operator error. They can pump feed materials with a wide viscosity range and can also handle corrosive liquids. 

Being positive displacement pumps, Hydra-Cells are exceptionally energy efficient, a factor that significantly reduces their overall lifetime cost. The multi-diaphragm arrangement produces a virtually pulse-less flow and unlike piston and plunger pumps, Hydra-Cell pumps do not generally require flow dampeners to achieve satisfactory atomisation results.