Boll improves new filtration systems for waste water filtration

Boll & Kirch is one of the leading European manufacturers of water filtration systems, producing a range of manual and automatic filters for potable and waste water applications. Bollfilter filters are widely used by the UK water treatment industry thanks to their reliability, performance and durability. Boll & Kirch has the automatic Quality Plug and Play Filter for the water industry, designed to be incorporated into OEM waste water treatment systems, they offer distinctive features designed to meet specific application requirements.

•   Boll 6.04 Filter – low cost automatic performance for nozzle protection. See the new 6.04 video on this link


Designed specifically to prevent blockages in waste water wash systems, the 6.04 Automatic Filter is a virtual plug and play unit supplied complete with motor and controller for simple, easy integration into the plant wash system.

Easy to operate, it provides reliable, continual filtration to protect the nozzles in secondary treatment equipment, such as disk filters, sludge dewatering systems, belt presses and centrifuges – without the need for cleaning and plant disruption.

Irrigation water, Domestic water, Raw water or Inlet water and Service water

Download the Bollfilter 6.04 Brochure here

The concept is a fully automated protection filtration with relatively low flow rates. For example, with machine and plant systems for sprinkling or spraying that require a powerful and proven backflushing filtering system that works at an extremely high efficiency level is safe during use and permanently cost-effective.

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 is used for the filtration of the following applications: offering high quality yet low maintenance despite low initial cost.

Cooling water, Industrial Water, Process water, Seal water and Spray water

Other Applications

Cooling water & coolants, Sprinkling water, Washing and cleaning water, Effluent Water for snow production, are just a few of the many applications that can be accommodated with the BOLLFILTER 6.04.

Effluent water, Snow gun water and Rinse wash water

Technical Considerations

With a large filtration area for maximum efficiency, the Bollfilter 6.04 filters to 200 microns at flow rates between 0.5 and 18 m3/h and at pressures up to 16 bar.

The Bollfilter 6.04 in its 200 micron form is now available from stock supplies in the UK and will be on short delivery time due to the single model in a fixed format.

On initiation of the backflush, the drive motor is turned on. This turns the rinse wheel on the individual filter candles. At the same time the sludge drain valve is opened. This results in a high axial flow in the filter candle and the retained dirt particles are flushed out and passed through the tube from the filter. After about two revolutions of backflushing the control switches the drive motor off. The sludge drain valve is closed. The filter is cleaned. By flushing the individual filter candles, the full flow rate is maintained even during the regeneration phase. A technological high-quality & cost-efficient Innovative filtration system made in Germany.

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 is equipped with built-in electronic controls, an LED display for operation, backflushing and breakdown. BOLL & KIRCH ensure very fast delivery and easy installation of the filter within the unit that is to be protected. The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 has a robust and suitable compact design. The filter is made of only a few components, allowing easy access to the internal functional units and a high level of freedom for maintenance. All pressure parts, the cover and the housing of the filter, are made from aluminum and all internal parts are made of lightweight plastic. The removal of the outer function units is easy to do and allows maintenance of the filter without using any special tools.

Type 6.04 Applications include the Filtration of water and other low-viscosity liquids Max. flow rate 18 m³/h or 300 l/min Max. filter mesh 50 µm – 250 µm (dependent on filter candle) Operating pressure Max. 16 bar Operating temperature 0°C – 60°C Pressure bearing parts, covers and housing Aluminum, hard coated Internal parts, rinse wheel Plastic Filter element 8 x screw-in candles with filter area of 1,200 cm2 Filter candles Stainless steel Volume 3.5 litres Nominal size DN 40 or G 11/2 Operating voltage 24 V DC. Optional accessories 230 V AC adapter. Differential pressure (bar) Flow (m3/h) Pressure loss curve type 6.04.

BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH offers the highest quality standards from development and production through to the use of the products. Our quality and environmental management system is designed according to international standards and is regularly audited externally. Since 1994, it has been ISO 9001 accredited and since 2001, ISO 14001 accredited. For application-specific system solutions and/or high flow rates up to 9,000 m3/h,

Download the Technical Bollfilter 6.04 Manual here

Bollfilter UK Sales & service

Like the rest of the Boll & Kirch range, the new filters will be available exclusively from Bollfilter UK – specialist supplier to the UK water industry. The Bollfilter UK Team provides customers with full technical support, including system design, installation and contract maintenance. The company also provides a comprehensive spares service, including 24 hour response on certain essential items.

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