Ovivo has produced a bespoke tertiary nitrifying Copa SAF?plant for a water and waste treatment works in Kent, dealing with challenges such as a sloping site, a narrow, twisting access road and a lightweight bridge 

Despite working on a tricky sloping site, Ovivo has installed its  Copa SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter) close to the village of Wadhurst, near Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

To address the client’s need for an upgrade that would reduce the AmmN discharge quality from 5mg/l to 3mg/l, Ovivo designed and installed an above-ground, bespoke tertiary nitrifying SAF plant, based around its Copa  SAF treatment systems. Serving a population of around 850, the existing WwTW (treating domestic waste) comprised traditional pyramidal primary tanks, percolating filters and conical final tanks.

Individual tanks

Faced with a narrow, twisting access road, which crossed a lightweight bridge without a safe load classification, Ovivo created a special SAF with eight individual treatment tanks. This bespoke single cell arrangement was transported to Washwell Lane WwTW using small rigid vehicles, removing the need for costly modifications to the access road and bridge, as well as reducing excavation, piling, and the size of crane required for the installation.

Ovivo’s scope of work included the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the SAF plants as well as operator training. Also supplied by Ovivo as part of the same contract were:  Duty/duty/ standby air blowers in an acoustic enclosure; a form 4 control panel in a kiosk; a flow distribution system; a walkway and all the necessary interconnection pipework.


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