Problem: The failure of progressive cavity pumps and piston diaphragm pumps when pumping abrasive lime slurry and corrosive chlorine respectively, meant the Kembla Grange water treatment plant in Australia was incurring costs associated with downtime and maintenance.

Solution:?Bredel SPX50 hose pumps from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group have been specified for various parts of the process. Hose pumps are suited to water treatment processes as they move fluid by compressing a shoe onto a reinforced hose in a circular motion, pushing pockets of fluid downstream quickly and easily by positive displacement. There are no intrusions in the flow path, eliminating the risk of blockages. This means they are suitable for problematic fluids such as abrasive lime, chemicals, or sludge. 

Bredel pumps also overcame problems during the pumping of a corrosive chlorine solution. The pumps are self-priming and running, making them easy to start and stop. They have one moving part – the hose. At Kembla Grange, the SPX50s were fitted with Hypalon hoses, to offer chemical resistance.

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