This month our Expert, Brady’s Liz Gallagher looks at how to squeeze extra time from your working day without changing your hours!

It’s the modern mantra isn’t it? No-one has enough time to do everything they want and as a consequence we tend to feel under a great deal of pressure a great deal of the time. At Brady we haven’t been able to unlock a parallel universe where everything is possible within an unlimited space/time continuum, but what we have been able to do is look at real pressure points in the workplace and work out ways to save precious time.

Bluetooth Technology

We were the first to introduce Bluetooth connectivity into our printers with the BMP51/53 models and of course our latest benchtop, the BBP33. But apart from very clever technology that proves we really know our stuff, what can that offer you? Simply speaking it means with your android, tablet or smartphone you can instantly transfer data directly onto the printers for immediate output – in other words you avoid involving the I.T department in time-consuming set-up and installation.


Having the capability of numerically serialising identification is a real hidden weapon. All of our printers offer the ability to numerically order labels within pre-set parameters – no more tedious individual marking required!


Before we introduced LabelMark, network technicians were using Microsoft Word and Excel to set up page sizes and label formats in order to label their network cables and racks. This process was unbelievably tedious and time-consuming as they’d need to make numerous adjustments and modifications before even adding data to labels.

With the new wizard in LabelMark 5.4, you just select your network hardware manufacturer and hardware model and the appropriate label template is automatically generated. There are also dedicated wizards for electrical and laboratory environments – a massive timesaver.


A no-brainer really, but technology in materials and adhesive has meant Brady has been able to offer safety signs, labelling and other identification that stays stuck.  That means you only have to do a job once and it’s done. It sounds fanciful when I say I was with a new customer on a site-visit, who opened up an electrical box only to see hundreds of labels littering the floor where they’d peeled off. Obviously wasn’t using Brady products – enough said!


Listen to your Brady team, as we’re paid to know what’s going on in terms of compliance and legislation. From a technical perspective, we have a whole department dedicated to keeping abreast of developments that affect every sector of industry.  GHS? We were out first with compliant signage. ISO 7010? Ditto. Utilising the knowledge you have around you is a brilliant timesaver, and by keeping ahead of deadlines, there’s no last minute panic, or worse, the chance of a fine.