Hydrotechnik UK Ltd & Flowtechnik (a division of Hydrotechnik UK) are proud to announce the arrival of their new 200 page Product catalogue which is available in high quality print form or as a PDF download from their website.

Hydrotechnik UK provides measurement and test equipment for Hydraulic, Process, Offshore and Municipal markets; the company’s principal measuring parameters are flow, pressure, temperature, level, displacement and rpm. Information is provided for the customer in a number of ways to suit their needs – visually, transmitted signals, hand held dataloggers or as part of a larger system to use the measured information to control machine or component operations.

In the new catalogue you will find the Hydrotechnik section has an enhanced range of Minimess® adaptors & microbore hose assemblies, pressure test kits, gauges, measurement sensors (for R&D or OEM machine fit), flowmeters and hand held dataloggers. Exciting additions include a unique range of high quality, low cost pressure transducers for OEM applications, with a wide range available from stock enabling Hydrotechnik to compete in high volume OEM markets. Other new additions include the MultiSystem 4010 hand held 5 channel data logger which will replace the existing MultiHandy 3050 unit. Hydrotechnik also offer more sensor types such as Particle Counters, Force, displacement, CAN sensors & much much more. All designed for stand alone use or to work seamlessly with your Hydrotechnik datalogging instruments.

Flowtechnik is a division of Hydrotechnik UK Ltd created in 2005 to focus their rapidly expanding offering of flowmetering and instrumentation in conjunction with the established Hydrotechnik hydraulic test equipment range.

Flowtechnik can measure Flow Rate, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Density & much more for all Fluids & Gases. Instrumentation can be provided for all environments or communication protocols. Every type of flow metering technology is catered for in a huge range of materials, accuracies and sizes. Flowtechnik are constantly expanding their offering to satisfy customer requirements, distributing for a worldwide network of suppliers. Flowtechnik offer assembly, programming, repair & calibration services and is an area that Flowtechnik are building on to further enhance their service & after sales value to customers.

In the new catalogue you will find the Flowtechnik section showcases over a hundred new products including a brand new flow portfolio as well as temperature sensors, level switches/transducers and much much more. The enhanced flow section now offers something for just about every application, with new additions in every section. There are new Variable Area flowmeters for air, water, OEM’s and chemicals, Pelton wheel and Axial turbines and positive displacement flowmeters. A completely new range of insertion and in-line Magnetic inductive flowmeters, working from flow rates down to a few teaspoons a minute up to pipe diameters you can walk through. This coupled with new Ultrasonic and Vortex flowmeters allows Flowtechnik to measure gases, steam, water and viscous liquids with pressures up to 15,000 PSI, flows up to 7,000 m3/Hr, ATEX approvals in terrestrial, Subsea and Hazardous areas. To allow Flowtechnik to offer a more complete solution the new catalogue features level switches and sensors, temperature sensors and ancillary instruments to convert, display and data log, making it a one stop shop for all your instrumentation needs.

Hydrotechnik’s and Flowtechnik’s success can be cited to the high quality measurement solutions offered; in many cases, the company’s products are unrivalled in quality, innovation and design and offer some of the best stock holding in the field, high levels of friendly customer sales and technical support.

For more information on Hydrotechnik or Flowtechnik and all of its products or to request a hard copy of their new product catalogue, please contact:-

Tel: 0115 900 3550
Email: sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk

Web: www.hydrotechnik.co.uk