With the availability of its ‘H’ series of sanitary pumps, Flotronic Pumps can supply sanitary pumps to companies insisting on 3-A authorised equipment.

Displaying the 3-A symbol signifies that processing equipment meets certain material, design and manufacturing standards. “While 3-A is not a statutory requirement, it is a standard increasingly required by the sanitary industry, particularly in the United States,” said Flotronic’s Managing Director, Jane Waite. “Being authorised to display the 3-A symbol ensures credibility of the new ‘H’ series, at home and abroad.”

In line with the 3-A standard, the pumps have been designed so they can be thoroughly cleaned. The pump also features the Flotronic easy-maintenance, one-nut design, which means the pump can be maintained in minutes. Cleaning is made easier by a specially designed support stand which allows full rotation for draining.

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