A Landia chopper pump is helping a community-owned district heating scheme save around €60,000 pa.

The long-shaft Landia pump has been handling heavy duty mixed waste, including slurries and fats for an anaerobic digester biogas plant operated by Beoffs in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Renewable energy generated by the plant serves local residents and a village hall in the area, but its primary beneficiary is the nearby school run by a charitable trust.

The chopper pump handles  sewage sludge, food waste and various greases, as well as dairy slurry from three local farms, and has been in operation for over four years. Consultation and installation was carried out in conjunction with Drilling & Pumping Supplies (DPS) of Newtownards, with whom Landia have worked on several successful projects in Ireland. 

Jimmy Chadwick, plant manager at Beoffs, said: “This is hardly the easiest process for a pump, but the Landia unit has proved extremely reliable and effective, despite everything we’ve thrown at it. Landia have also been very practical with their help in ensuring that this important part of our biogas process works properly. They always give us great back up.”

Chadwick explained that this local community district heating system also provides valuable digestate/fertilizer to those farmers who have first provided the dairy slurry for the DAFF-approved AD plant. The Beoffs plant also benefits from income generated by a gate fee for the waste it takes in.


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