Problem:Companies using gas liquid containers to transport their products need to ensure that when containers are returned to their depot, any product that remains in the container is extracted for storage and possible future use. Also, if the container is to be used for another product, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and must be free of liquid or vapour before cleaning can commence.

Solution: To help companies meet these objectives, AxFlow has developed a range of portable oil-free units that can be used for non-flammable, flammable and medical applications. The packages are built around a Blackmer compressor and a vacuum pump.

The compressor/vacuum pump package takes the gas from the container and compresses it before condensing it into a liquid via a water-cooled plate heat exchanger, and passes it into the receiving container. This is then condensed into liquid form for onward storage. Once the pressure in the container drops to atmospheric pressure the vacuum pump is started. This pre-boosts the compressor and pulls out the remaining vapour into a receiving container. The combination of the compressor and vacuum pump removes almost all the residual product for maximum product recovery.