Hygienic pumps for food packing

Dec 30, 2011 | Food Processing & Packaging

SPX is introducing digital motors for its Bran + Luebbe brand pumps and has already supplied its ProCam EHEDG hygienic pumps fitted with digital motors to the food packing industry.

Digital motors are designed to cope with frequent starts and stops. They provide relatively high torque in a compact size and can be run very slowly for extended periods while the inclusion of a position endcoder enables their speed and position to be accurately relayed to the control system. Being extremely flexible drives, their speed and direction can be changed rapidly and precisely.

When operated with appropriate controllers, the digital drive can be set to coordinate with other servo-motors so they operate at the same time or relative to another drive. When used in filling machine applications where speed and accuracy is all-important, multiple drives can be employed ensuring that the container is positioned and then filled before exchanging containers.