Miniature pressure sensors from the new PL54 range from ifm electronic can be mounted completely flush with the internal surface of the vessel or pipe in which they are installed. This makes them ideally suited for use with adhesives, media with suspended solids and other viscous media that tend to “plug” the dead space created from a non-flush mounting sensor.

Providing a standard 4 to 20 mA analogue output, the new sensors have a flush-mount diaphragm with G1/4 thread directly welded to the sensor body. This arrangement provides high accuracy in a compact housing that measures just 19 mm across flats. The sensors feature high vibration and shock resistance and are manufactured from corrosion-resistant high-grade stainless steel, making them suitable for use in mobile applications and other demanding environments.

Despite their very competitive pricing, PL54 pressure sensors offer high measuring accuracy of ± 0.5% or better, and exceptional repeatability of ± 0.05% or better. They are available in five versions, which between them cover measuring ranges from 0 to 60 bar up to 0 to 400 bar. All types can be used with media over the temperature range of -40 to +90ºC, and all feature standard M12 connectors.