Particularly suited for use in CIP (cleaning-in-place) applications in the food and beverage industries, the new LDL201 conductivity sensors from ifm electronic have a 77mm long sensing tip which makes them versatile and easy to install in a variety of hygienic process connections. In addition, the tip features solid PEEK construction which virtually eliminates the risk of breakage even if the sensor is subjected to high levels of stress.

Typical applications for the new LDL201 sensors include monitoring/control of cleaning agents, checking rinse water for residues and product validation. Since the sensors allow improved process control to be achieved, they typically enable users to cut costs by reducing energy usage during CIP cycles, along with the consumption of water and cleaning agents.

LDL201 sensors have a conductivity measuring range of 100 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm and feature an integrated temperature sensor. They have a continuous operating temperature of -25 to +100 ºC and a maximum of 150 ºC < 1 hr. They are provided with an IO-Link interface which provides loss- and error-free transmission of measured conductivity and temperature values. IO-Link also allows easy parameterisation, which not only aids initial set up but also makes it quick and easy to adjust settings to accommodate recipe changes.

With food-grade material used for all parts exposed to the media in which they are being used, ifm’s new conductivity sensors meet EHEDG, FDA and 3-A standards. They are available for fast delivery and are complemented by a wide range of accessories. These include welding adapters, clamps, hygienic pipe fittings and pre-terminated connecting cables.