Increase capacity, maintain accuracy

Jan 11, 2013 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem:?Czech confectionery manufacturer POEX wanted to increase its packing capacity while at the same time deliver accuracy and effective end-of-line inspection for enhanced product quality. The company packs coated and uncoated fruit and nut products, extruded and co-extruded cereals and snacks, extruded crisp breads and promotional items for its own range and other European retailers. The increase in capacity for chocolate-coated and other nuts, as well as dried fruit, meant a complete new line, with the associated weighing equipment, was required.

Solution:?Having already had experience with Ishida weighers, POEX?chose to use the R-Series models. However, the inclusion of an Ishida X-ray inspection system and checkweigher has ensured high standards of quality assurance, without multiplying the number of machinery manufacturers involved. Jaroslav Caha, of POEX’s packaging division, said: “In the past, the problem was that the faster we ran the machines, the less accurate they became. Also it was quite difficult to get the level of feeder vibration right in order to keep the product flowing.”

With the new Ishida R-Series multihead weigher, the accuracy, even at the higher speeds, has been such that giveaway is down to near zero. For a 100g target weight, the mean weight is about 100.1 g and standard deviation is only about 0.2g. Product quality and safety is taken care of by the Ishida IX-EA2161 X-ray inspection system which detects even tiny particles of materials that could contaminate confectionery. An Ishida DACS-W checkweigher ensures compliance with weight regulations, while again providing the speed needed to keep up with POEX’s increased capacity.


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