Jacob (UK) has supplied powder coated modular pipework with Quick Connect pull-ring connectors and fittings to Asgard Biomass, as part of an environmentally friendly and economical heating installation for a for care home in Surrey.

The biomass boiler installation located in a remote boiler/plant room at the care home, burns 6 mm diameter wood pellets produced from local sustainable forestry resources. Delivery lorries blow wood pellets via a universal Storz connection through the 110 mm x 2 mm Jacob UK powder coated feed pipe to the pellet store, with a return vent pipe connected to the earthed lorry. A single delivery of 10 Tonnes of wood pellets will last around 4 weeks in winter and up to 3 months in the summer.

Corrosion resistant

The introduction of Jacob UK modular pipework, powder coated on both the internal and external surfaces, has major benefits for manufacturers and installers of biomass systems, offering flexible design, greater resistance to corrosion and excellent conductivity.

The powder coating finish is electrostatically applied to the internal and external surfaces as part of a continuous powder coating process with a 30-60 microns powder coated finish, ideal for use inside or external installations.

Process controlled powder coating guarantees better conductivity due to the enhanced capability of the coating to permit earthing continuity where there is danger of static ignition within the pipe. This is particularly important in hazardous applications and avoids the need for additional earthing lugs or cables.

The application is enhanced with the installation of Jacob UK pull-ring connections and conductive U-shaped seals, offering a complete solution for electrically conductive coated pipe systems.

Easy installation

As with all Jacob UK pipework systems, the powder coated range of pipes and quick connections is easy to install. Each component has a machine-lipped end which, when fitted with a specially designed “U” shaped gasket & Quick-Connect pull-ring, creates a 3-bar overpressure certified connection up to 300mm diameter. High-pressure tightness can be achieved in a pipe system with the added benefit of fast installation and fast dismantling when needed.

The internal coating achieved with the new automated powder coating system improves the air movement characteristics inside the pipeline, assisted by smooth-pressed bends and tight fitting connections. A wide range of accessories complements the Jacob pipework system, including inspection doors, visualisation ducts, product-control and air-control valves & diverters, all press-formed to high tolerances and finished to the highest possible standards.

Commenting on the installation, Jacob UK Director John West said: “We are pleased to be able to support Asgard Biomass in the installation of its biomass system for the care home in Surrey and recognise the importance of supplying high quality modular pipework for this type of long lasting application.”

Cost effective

The Asgard Biomass installation is part of an integrated heating system at the care home, where the wood pellet burning boiler supplies approximately 30% of the total heating requirement in the home, supplemented by a cascade system of gas boilers which come on-line as required.

By using a renewable energy source the care home was able to meet local planning requirements for using renewable energy and satisfy the requirements of the Government’s Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI). The scheme offers a promised payback on the cost of the installation within 5-6 years but the care home will continue to benefit from RHI tariff payments for 20 years.

Global service

With representation in 33 countries and its headquarters in Germany, Jacob UK is part of the worldwide JACOB organisation, able to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries, including the manufacturers and installers of biomass systems.

Customer applications are varied but cover food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, animal feeds, paper and building materials. All have come to rely on JACOB advanced technology in modular pipework systems for their various manufacturing processes, product delivery and extraction plant, recognising JACOB as number 1 for modular pipework systems.

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