The new VEGAFLEX 80 Guided Wave Radar ‘automatically’ delivers versatility and reliability for  level and interface measurement in both liquids and solids. This technology is already known for its unerring performance under changing conditions, such as temperature, gases, vapours, density and pressure.

Many functions that commonly need manual adjustment with GWR devices are now automated with VEGAFLEX 80, thus improving life-time functionality. For example; on hydrocarbons and liquid gases, automatic systems ensure the low reflectivity level signal is monitored, whilst ignoring any highly reflective water condensate build up beneath. Automated empty vessel mapping ensures on going build up is detected and ignored. For changing product properties and saturated steam, it employs auto-compensation to maintain accuracy. Other systems include; automated overfill protection, dynamic echo tracking, dielectric/moisture content monitoring and probe length/condition detection. These are particularly designed to remove labour-intensive interventions after start up, to maximise safety, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Devices are supplied ready calibrated with an optional automated set up wizard, for optimising sensors to level, interface and dielectric measurement. A wide choice of output protocols and asset management capabilities include; twin analogue outputs for interface and top level,  HART, Profibus, FF and Modbus. EDD and FDT/DTM set up capability are available as standard.

Series 80 has upgraded sealing, hygienic designs, temperature and pressure ranges. The certification and qualification portfolio includes; ATEX, Marine, FDA, EHEDG, SIL 2/3, NE107 and EN for 72hr boiler control. All of these product improvements equip VEGAFLEX 80 for excellent operational performance, process compatibility and investment return.

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