John R Boone on stand A11 will be demonstrating some of the their highly efficient mixers and blenders for solids, powders and pastes. JR Boone products include Drum Mixers that mix gently but completely, high-efficiency Helical Blade and unique and patented high shear Delta blade mixers; transforming production efficiency in some very challenging applications. John R Boone specialises in dry mix, powder and paste applications, from bakeries, beverages, toiletries,  fine chemicals to tile adhesives.  Options include fixed and removable liquid and air CIP systems; pressure, vacuum and ATEX rated machines, jacketed mixers and air-drying systems.

The pilot scale test rigs at JR Boone’s Congleton site mean that customers can be confident that scale up and commissioning is predictable, manageable and effective.

Stand Number A11

Contact Chris Boone or Graham Hargraves on + 44 (0) 1260 272894