R. STAHL’s new line of light fittings for use in Ex zone 1/21 and 2/22 hazardous areas achieves better energy efficiency than comparable devices and provide approximately 10% more luminous flux. New EXLUX 6001 luminaires also feature a design that is more compact, stable, and torsion-resistant than their EXLUX 6000 predecessors.

While more than one million of the EXLUX 6000 lights have been deployed worldwide over the last twenty years, the new generation now meets increasing user demand for a similarly economic, yet enhanced product with improved technical features. Depending on their performance class, the 6001 luminaires are a quarter to a third lighter than their predecessor models and many competing products. Users now also benefit from the robust design of these slimmer, narrower units: unlike most lights, the new devices can be operated at extremely low ambient temperatures (as low as -30 °C). In many cases, this amounts to an extension of the application range that saves costs by making extra specifications unnecessary.

In order to facilitate a step-by-step exchange of existing EXLUX pendants, the installation of the new units remains fully compatible to the predecessor series. Moreover, swiftly removable replacement parts ensure quick and easy maintenance. Like before, the new lights are available with customer-specific modifications on request. In addition, R. STAHL provides cost-efficient standard models with a power consumption of 18 W, 36 W, or 58 W that are available at short notice. Featuring 4 mm² cage clamp terminals, 5-core through-wiring, and a full-phase safety shutdown, these models are adequately equipped for the majority of all typical applications. The new series fully complies with the requirements of all current industry standards. The new silicone-based foamed gasket has been optimised for maximum durability, as stipulated by IEC 60079. This sealing solution, which is resistant to various chemicals as well as UV radiation, the fitting’s hinge, and a newly designed central lock all ensure IP66/IP67 protection over many years.

6001 series lights are available as of now. However, more products are due to follow in the new EXLUX generation: in the near future, the program will be extended both by optional accessories, such as pole mount adapters, and by additional models such as emergency lights, lights with an address module, and models with T5 fluorescent lamps for use in zone 2/22. Moreover, LED lights from R. STAHL will also be available soon, though these will be based on a completely different housing and equipped with materials and features optimised for LED technology.