Hovmand adds new Impact series to its range of intelligent, but simple, moving and lifting solutions.

Danish company Hovmand has added some exciting new products to its range of intelligently-engineered moving and lifting equipment, designed specifically to eliminate the potential problems of manual handling and increase efficiency in the workplace. Hovmand’s lifters are being used to handle heavy, bulky items such as reels, boxes and drums in the pharmaceutical, food and drink, manufacturing, retail, utilities, service and distribution sectors throughout the whole of Europe.

The versatile new battery-operated Impact 70S lifter moves, lifts and handles up to 70kg of weight. It`s simple, capable, and elegant design increases effectiveness in the workplace and is typical of Hovmand’s forward-looking approach. The 70S is the entry-level model in the new Impact 70 series, which includes a range of competitively-priced, high-quality, high-performance lifters that are extremely easy and simple for any member of staff to use.

Hovmand’s creative, flexible, products make a significant impact on their users’ businesses. They enhance functionality at reasonable cost by tackling gripping, lifting, turning and tipping with ease in a single operation. They improve work life by eliminating harmful work practices and the risk of repetitive injury, and by helping to ensure safety in the workplace, so ensuring staff do not need to take sick leave owing to back or other problems caused by manual lifting or injuries caused by loads tipping over during transport.

The Impact range creates new opportunities for its clients’ businesses, by allowing them to handle both small, simple items and large, complex ones. More goods can be lifted higher and moved further than ever before directly from one place to another, without the need for intermediate storage on a pallet.

Improved workplace efficiency means a saving in time, space and manpower, allowing a business to use its existing infrastructure to better effect and reducing the need for expensive capital investment in extra equipment.

The lifters in the 70 series are all operated by the new ‘H-commander – a unique joy-stick-like operation with a registered design.

“With the right equipment, you can lift and move almost anything,” says Søren Hovmand, the company’s CEO. “The full Impact series extends from the basic, newly designed and competitively priced Impact 70, through Impact 80 and Impact 130 to the top-of-the range Impact 200. With the prices kept as low as possible for quality equipment, we are sure the Impact range will be greatly valued by our customers.”

For more information, please contact.  Tele:- 0845 453 0046, E-mail: enquiries@liftingtechnology.co.uk or visit www.hovmand.co.uk