The mobile application developer, SCHAD, specialises in integrated SCADA and maintenance management of a mobile application which filters alarm’s to notify maintenance engineers of EXTEND7000.

For Motorola Solutions, SCHAD’s EXTEND7000 mobile SCADA and maintenance (MSM) software provides an excellent fit for its enterprise mobile computing portfolio. SCHAD also follows the same strategy of being platform independent, which is in accordance with the aims and objectives of Motorola Solutions’ new HTML5-based development framework, RhoMobile.

James Hannay, managing director said: ‘SCHAD’s focus on developing engineering mobility software is an ideal match for us because it takes Motorola Solutions into new sectors like logistics and airport automation where we can grow our market share. We are always keen to work with innovative application specialists, because they provide an ideal opportunity to enter niche markets and engage directly with new customers,’ says James Pemberton, Application Partner program lead at Motorola Solutions.

About EXTEND7000

EXTEND7000 is a mobile application that filters alarms from SCADA and PLC systems to notify maintenance engineers of unplanned failures of automation equipment. By integrating this with CMMS, maintenance teams are able to respond to alarms and process work orders in a single workflow on a mobile device. The seamless integration of unplanned and planned maintenance on a single mobile device helps organisations to optimise resources and make more informed decisions based on accurate and real time information.

Benefits include:

  • Increased work load capacity with no increase in resources
  • Quick response time to unplanned events
  • Shorter fix times
  • Reduced administration time both during and after the event
  • Reduced downtime

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