Netcontrol have launched a new smart, feature rich substation gateway & protocol converter, Netcon GW502-iM. An evolutionary product based on Netcontrol’s transmission grade gateway RTU, Netcon 500, Netcon GW502-iM offers unparalleled reliability, resilience and performance in a one box solution for energy network operators.

Netcon GW502-iM is designed for use in high voltage electrical substations ensuring a reliable, resilient and secure platform.  Integration into existing substation infrastructure is easy, and depending on protocol selection, supports typically up to 50,000 I/O points. 

Our real time database application, Netcon NFE, supports multiple master & slave protocols including IEC61850.  Furthermore, Netcon NFE supports connections to multiple masters using independent protocols upstream and downstream to multiple IEDs, running different protocols over a mixture of serial and IP media. Cyber security is built in, through use of multiple VPN connections, firewalls, and 256-bit AES encryption.