The Nordson EFD MicroCoat system applies lubricant in a fine, even film. Just the amount you specify. No more, no less.

With instant flow adjustment – no wait time for pads or rollers to become wet or dry out.

This unique, fully integrated system uses Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology to provide steady,

consistent lubrication without the overspray or mist of airless spray systems.

The benefits are significant.

Exact lubrication control increases profit opportunities throughout the manufacturing process. Tools last

longer and presses run faster. Your process becomes environmentally friendly, while problems from drip

pads, rollers and airless spray systems disappear.

Uniform lubrication provides:

  • Even, uniform coverage, top and bottom
  • 60% to 90% oil savings
  • No overspray or mist
  • Clean working environment
  • On-the-fly adjustment of oil coating
  • Expandable, modular system for wide stock
  • Flexible oil feed from tanks, pumps or central system
  • Single or multiple oil use
  • Simple, reliable, and low-maintenance operation
  • Easy “plug & play” setup

The MC800 series system operates up to eight valves. Precision flow controls permit the amount of lubricant applied by each valve to be adjusted independently. Valves can be mounted above or below the stock.