New ABB app points the way to compressed air savings in valve control applications

Users of pneumatic valve positioners can now assess the energy efficiency of their valve installations with ABB’s new compressed air calculator app for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Based on the amount of compressed air consumed by conventional positioners, the app shows how using the latest smart positioner technology can help operators to dramatically reduce their energy costs

Easy-to-follow instructions show the user exactly what parameters are needed to calculate any potential savings. The user is prompted to enter the number of pneumatic positioners on site, air cost per standard cubic foot and the percentage of time spent at a steady state to calculate the user’s current compressed air energy costs. These costs are then compared to the potential savings that could be achieved using ABB’s TZID-C and EDP300 intelligent positioners, where compressed air is only consumed when required.

“At present there is no other app on the market that can show positioner users the significant energy savings that can be made by using smarter technology,” says Jo Kirkbride, ABB’s Product Manager UK & Ireland, Actuator & Positioning Products. “Conventional valve positioners can typically consume compressed air even when not in operation, many sites could be racking up thousands of pounds in wasted energy.”

Consider a positioner which spends 50% of its operational time in a steady state position (steady set-point). Assuming a compressed air cost of 1p per scfm (standard cubic feet per minute), the cost of this wasted energy, in the worst case, can be as much as £2,106.78 per year. Replacing this positioner with a smart positioner could save between £500 and £1,200 per year per positioner through reduced compressed air consumption.

The app also allows you to measure savings in different currencies, including Sterling, Euros and US Dollars.

To find out more information call 0870 600 6122 or email, ref: ‘Compressed air calculator app’. To download the ABB app, please visit the Apple App store and search for “ABB Compressed Air Calculator”.