Brady has launched a new transactional website to further grow the availability of quality products in wire & cable, product, asset and facility identification for UK customers. The new website offers even more choice to buy the specialised identification products you need in a fast and efficient way. 

The new website offers product filters to support you in making the best choice in specialised identification products for your business environment. Whether you need self-laminating wire markers, labels to track & trace printed circuit boards, anti-counterfeit labels, printers to create your own identification labels, ISO-compliant safety signs, lockout/tagout, aisle markers, pipe markers, forklift inspection tools, or even spill control products…you can order them in just a few clicks.

There are also a number of features that further improve ease of use. You can select your trusted Brady distributor for expert support, and save that information for future orders. You can save your orders, making it easier to reorder the products you are already working with. You can check out as a registered user, or as an anonymous guest, the choice is yours. And you can subscribe to our e-news updates if you want to be among the first to know about new developments in Wire & Cable, Product or Safety & Facility Identification.