There is an increasing need by many industries, companies and public bodies for the precise measurement of temperature and humidity. This is often necessary as part of Quality Management standards. The measurements obtained from an instrument must be repeatable.

Rotronic is a world leading Swiss-based manufacturer of precision humidity and temperature instrumentation, CO2 transmitters are also offered. Sensors have high accuracy ±0.8 %rh, ±0.1 °C at 23 °C which puts them in a class of their own. The measurement range is very wide  -100…200 °C, 0…100 %rh.

The product range includes handheld models with temperature and moisture values and data loggers including new wireless systems with long battery life. Transmitters provide precise measurements of temperature and moisture for controlling conditions, used with building management systems they reduce energy costs.

A wide range of probe types to suit most applications is manufactured. They can be rapidly exchanged when calibration or service work is due without adjustment.

We have UKAS accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point calibration. The portable HygroGen temperature and humidity generator enables sensor calibration in minutes.
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Rotronic Instruments   Product manager: Chris Fox