Hamamatsu Photonics introduce the new G11135 series of InGaAs linear image sensors, designed for foreign object inspection. These image sensors consist of an InGaAs photodiode array and CMOS chip containing a charge amplifier array, offset compensation circuit, shift register and a timing generator. The G11135 series are back-illuminated sensors and use indium bumps to connect the InGaAs array with the CMOS chip. This bonding method removes the need for gold wire bonds which significantly improves the reliability and performance of the image sensor.

The G11135 series is available in 256 and 512 pixel versions with 50 x 50µm and 25 x 25µm pixels respectively. Both feature a high sensitivity from 0.95µm to 1.7µm and a single video line, which enables a high speed data rate of 5 MHz and excellent pixel-to-pixel linearity.

Industrial applications for the G11135 series are found in on-line infrared inspection, especially for food. These arrays are ideal for foreign body detection such as fragments of glass as well as water content imaging.

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