Gemini manufactures the Tinytag range of data loggers: robust, battery operated devices that monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2, voltage, current, count, shock and vibration across a range of applications and industries. Tinytags are available in a choice of enclosures and with different features to suit specific environments and applications.

Tinytags are cost-effective, accurate and reliable, ranging from compact, basic units designed for indoor building monitoring, to robust and waterproof devices used in harsh, industrial and outdoor applications. Data loggers with displays can also be supplied, and specialist ATEX validated units for recording conditions in intrinsically safe areas are also available. For additional flexibility, external sensors in the form of probes offer easy access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach, or can be used for monitoring extremes of temperature such as those in ovens and cryogenic areas.

One of the latest additions to the range is the Tinytag Energy Logger: a cost-effective and non-invasive tool for monitoring power usage of both single devices and entire installations. This portable, self-configuring data logger can be used for spot-checks or for longer term recording of power usage to identify when equipment is being used, times of peak load, how much energy is being used and the overall assessment of energy efficiency. The device combines ease of use with accurate, high level performance and is suitable for monitoring single or three phase power supplies. Logging can be initiated by the touch of a button, so users do not need a laptop to operate the device on site, and it does not require the exposure of any live wires or terminals so it is also safe. Non-invasive flexible coils are used to monitor the current in each phase of a three phase supply while the voltage information may be obtained via a standard 13A wall socket.

Easy to use software

Tinytag Explorer is the user interface for all Tinytag data loggers. This Windows based software is used to start data loggers recording and to view the data they record. Data from the loggers is downloaded to a PC via a USB connection and can be displayed in a graph or as a table of readings. Summary information views provide the user with basic statistical information such as average readings and daily minimum and maximum data. Data from multiple loggers can be combined into the same graph and this data can easily be exported for use in third party programs such as Microsoft Excel. 

Radio data logging system for larger sites

In larger sites where manually collecting data from multiple logging points may be impractical, the Tinytag Radio System offers an effective solution, as it automatically sends data to a receiver connected to a PC. This allows temperature and relative humidity monitoring of an application from a user’s own desk. The system is easy to install and use, enabling data to be viewed and the loggers reconfigured without the need to collect and download them manually.

Radio data loggers positioned throughout an area feed information back to a central receiver via a mesh network. A Windows service running on the computer into which the receiver is plugged manages the data collection from the loggers, and presents the recorded information across a LAN or the internet for remote viewing in the Tinytag Explorer software or other third party programs.

E-mail warnings can be sent from the system to alert users to potential problems. Radio data loggers will also record remotely, ensuring data is not lost in the event of a power failure to the computer managing the service, ensuring high reliability at all times. There is no limit to the number of loggers used in an application and they can be moved around as required, allowing flexible operation as monitoring requirements change.

Other additions to the Tinytag range

The Tinytag Ultra 2 Thermocouple logger supports type K, J, T and N thermocouples. The battery powered unit provides fast response, versatile monitoring from -200°C to 1370°C, with a built-in temperature channel allowing simultaneous monitoring of process and ambient temperatures. Its connection supports standard and miniature thermocouple plugs.

The Tinytag Carbon Dioxide data logger helps to verify that ventilation systems are performing correctly, therefore preventing an excessive build-up of carbon dioxide which can lead to reduced concentration levels and even health problems. The discreet mains powered unit is self-calibrating to ensure accuracy. A flashing red LED indicates if the power supply has been interrupted and if a user-defined upper ppm level limit has been reached.

Gemini Data Loggers has been designing and manufacturing Tinytags in the UK since 1992 and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors.

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