Sales of Crane Corporation’s revolutionary DEPA® E4 Compound Diaphragm for Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps have exceeded the most optimistic forecasts as the process industry switches to this new generation diaphragm.

The diaphragm features a special “noppedE4” surface – a uniform sequence of small mounds radiating in a band located medially within the diaphragm which creates turbulent boundary layers, resulting in advantageous flow conditions (similar to golf ball dimples) and thus improved energy efficiency. The nopped surface also makes the diaphragm much more flexible than standard rubber diaphragms.

Available in four sizes, ranging from 1/2″ – 2″, the diaphragm combines versatility and functionality, and is constructed as a single unit from a combination of PTFE and EDPM, coming into contact with liquid and air respectively. The outer piston, usually a separate component in standard pumps, is entirely encapsulated. In addition, EDPM is electrically conductive, which makes it suitable for use in ATEX-conforming pumps, and the diaphragm is approved for use in Zone 0 when used in conjunction with pumps made of stainless steel casting.

The increased flexibility enables greater flow rates combined with reduced air consumption, resulting in energy savings. The flexible nature of the DEPA® E4 Compound diaphragm gives it a longer life-span while by that very fact increases the length of replacement intervals (reducing replacement frequency), which generates savings in both operation and maintenance, while decreasing down-time. The diaphragm can be installed and replaced easily due to its single-unit construction and is compliant with CE markings.

The laminated design ensures the diaphragm surface is impermeable. This facilitates greater safety and an ultra-clean working mechanism, which prevents leaks/deposits and greatly limits areas for bacteria build-up whilst the high chemical resistance is maintained right through the entire pH range (0-14) against most media.

Colin Simpson, Sales Director of Crane’s UK distributors, Tomlinson Hall Ltd, commented, “The DEPA® E4 Diaphragm is state-of-the-art technology which gives four primary benefits for end-users – increased life span, improved safety, increased efficiency, and an ultra clean working mechanism. Sales so far have exceeded our most optimistic forecasts and the feedback we are receiving from users is very positive with the diaphragms usually available for next day delivery throughout the UK.”

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