Monitran, a world-leader in the development and manufacture of transducers for the measurement of vibration, proximity and displacement, has revamped its website to offer engineers easy access to product information and support services.

Designed with ease-of-navigation for sensor identification and selection in mind, details Monitran’s extensive range of products and the company’s value-added services. The site includes; product selection guidelines, installation and maintenance tips, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and pages devoted to specific industries, including wind energy, mining and paper.

Andy Anthony, Monitran’s managing director, commented: “We’ve structured the new website as an engineering resource, respecting that engineers will mostly benefit from easy and multiple ways of finding the most suitable sensors for their applications.”

Even from the Home page visitors to the site can fast-track to vibration sensors with AC outputs (for analysis), vibration sensors with DC outputs (for monitoring), eddy current probes (for proximity measurement) or LVDTs (for displacement measurement). Alternatively, the Products page lists all sensors and accessories which can then be filtered by one of 42 attributes, for example ‘High Temperature Industrial’, plus the entire site can be searched for key words.

Anthony concluded: “When designing a website it’s very easy to concentrate on the aesthetics and gimmicks, at the expense of giving the content and the site’s functionality sufficient attention. With the new Monitran website our starting point was to ask ourselves how, as an OEM, can we help our valued customers make informed decisions on which sensors to use for any given application? We also wanted to draw attention to the fact that, unlike most other OEMs, we have an experienced engineering team able to undertake complete turnkey projects.”