Problem: Pharmaceutical company Macfarlan Smith wanted to control any changes and securely store all of its process critical software. The company required a solution that complied with stringent industry regulations and standards.

Solution: Asset Guardian has signed up Macfarlan Smith to its proprietary software management platform. This solution enables process and manufacturing organisations to minimise the risks associated with process-critical safety software and related functions. It also ensures company’s are in compliance with ISO?and IEC standards, Government Directives and Industry Best Practices for the ‘Configuration and Change Management’ of process critical systems.

The most common use of Asset Guardian software is as a disaster recovery tool. By managing software and business critical information through a central platform, customers can minimise any system downtime incurred by software failure.

Sam Mackay, chief executive of Asset Guardian, said: “We are delighted to have secured our first customer within the pharmaceutical industry…As a trusted partner to our clients, we are confident that we can deliver real business benefits in driving operational efficiencies and minimising the risks involved in managing software.”