The range of PX separators from Alfa Laval has been updated with the addition of eDrive, a direct drive technology said to reduce the machine’s footprint and energy costs, and on-line condition monitoring to help maximise uptime and availability.

Improvements have been made to both the PX 100 and PX 115 high capacity separators, which are used to process vegetable fats and oils. Such improvements include optimised design of the bowl, disc stack and outlet, which together with the Centrizoom adjustable paring disc, provide better separation, leading to higher capacity and higher yield, and reduced product losses of up to 10%.

The top-of-the range PX 115 can now be supplied as a PX 115e, when fitted with the eDrive direct drive technology. This module offers variable speed to match operating requirements, resulting in up to 10% lower power consumption. This separator can also be supplied with a Cosmos on-line condition monitoring system, which helps predict maintenance requirements.

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