The Fluke 568-Ex laser thermometer is the latest in ecom’s line of measurement and calibration equipment, purpose built to excel in hazardous areas.

This new devices is an intrinsically safe laser thermometer that is designed to give mobile workers precise measurement in extreme environments. With the use of this device, workers can take quick temperature measurements when they are carrying out important inspection work in ex-hazardous areas. This technology will allow for companies to monitor their equipment’s temperature more easily and precisely than ever previously possible, helping them to carry out inspections with a higher degree of accuracy. This accuracy can lead to significant cost savings for the organisation as their workers will be able to give readings with more certainty than they would have previously been able to do, therefore reducing the amount of mistakes that are made.

The use of a laser thermometer does not only offer a higher degree of accuracy than a contact thermometer, it also offers mobile workers a way to take reading much more quickly and in much smaller, more precise areas. Using the Fluke 568-Ex the mobile worker will be able to point the device at an area and immediately receive a measurement. This will allow the worker to avoid any tight spaces where they would normally have to access if they needed to take the reading using a contact thermometer. This means a higher level of safety for workers as they are no longer having to access dangerous areas to take readings, they can simply stand back at a comfortable distance.

The Fluke 568-Ex can also store up to 99 measurements at one time in its internal memory. This offers significant time savings to workers as they don’t have to constantly note down the measurements they are taking. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for workers to complete their inspection round and improving the accuracy in which they do so.

The modern day mobile worker needs to be able to perform a number of tasks during their daily work and it is essential that all the tools that they have available are quick and easy to operate. The Fluke 568-Ex really extends the capabilities of hazardous area workers that take temperature measurements day-in-day-out, this device helps workers to more accurately report data and complete their tasks quicker.

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