The Ex-Handy 08 mobile phone is the ideal companion for any hazardous area worker. With this mobile phone you are able to communicate effectively with your co-workers at all times in hazardous areas without risk of violating any regulations. The Ex-Handy 08 from ecom instruments is the most reliable and rugged ATEX certified mobile phone on the market today.

When carrying out vital inspection work in hazardous areas it has become increasingly important for mobile workers to be constantly in contact with other people to ensure their safety. Hazardous area communication has come a long way in recent years, from the invention and use of the two-way radio to the modern day use of mobile phones, communication is now more effective than ever before. This has opened up a range of possibilities such as lone worker protection and near field communication to ensure increased safety for the mobile worker and improvements in efficiency for the organisation. Communication in hazardous areas has become even more important with the increase in size of the facilities they work on. Where it was previously possible to use walkie-talkies to communicate, the area of land the mobile workers are operating across has increased to the extent that walkie-talkie signals are no longer strong enough to offer the communication that is now essential.

The Ex-Handy 08 is the most comprehensive tool for any hazardous area worker who needs to communicate constantly with other people or with a control centre. This zone one device offers features such as camera and an extended battery to offer the most comprehensive solution to any mobile worker. The device can be used for a wider range of functions than was ever previously possible due to the attachment of the camera and possibility to take pictures while carrying out an inspection. This is now the eighth generation in mobile phones from ecom instruments and it comes complete with 3G connectivity to keep workers connected when is most important. The Ex-Handy 08 offers real power to any hazardous area worker, allowing them to carry out more advanced work than ever. With the seven-hour talk time and the thirty-hours standby time, this mobile phone can support your workers throughout an entire shift. It also offers a range of useful accessories which include hands-free headsets and belt clips both designed to help your workers access the device when they need it and also communicate while using both hands.

If you would like to find out more about the Ex-Handy 08 mobile phone or any of our ATEX communication range then please visit our website.


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