Ideal for food manufacturing environments where temperature control is essential, Spydaq is a new cost effective temperature and humidity monitoring system from Signatrol.

Spydaq allows users to deploy sensors in various locations without the restrictions and cost of hard wiring.  Results are monitored via web access with easy to use software.

At the heart of the Spydaq system is a BaseStation which receives data from up to 16 remote transmitters including room sensors, duct sensors, external sensors, immersion sensors, pipe mount sensors and fridge/freezer/oven sensors, which can be combined to suit the required application. The BaseStation passes data to a PC either via a Modbus RTU or by GPRS direct to the Spydaq website.

Each remote transmitter can have up to three inputs – temperature, relative humidity and universal – and sends it via a licence-free ISM radio band using a sophisticated data redundancy system (patent pending) to ensure virtually error free data acquisition.

For more information on Spydaq, contact Signatrol on 01684 299399 or visit