WAGO’s new 3-phase power measurement modules provide voltage, current and many other measurement parameters, ensuring more effective monitoring of energy consumption.

The 750-49x modules (part of the fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 range) transmit metrics including reactive/apparent/effective power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle, frequency, over-/under-voltage directly into the module. This eliminates the need for external measuring equipment, reducing measurement costs nearly ten-fold.  Besides energy consumption measurement and harmonic analysis, the modules also feature additional functions for comprehensive grid analysis, allowing grid disturbances to be localised (e.g., interference spikes).

Insulation faults can also be detected using measurement in the N-conductor. The 4-quadrant display indicates the type of load (inductive, capacitive) and whether it is an energy consumer or producer. The power measurement module connects to a WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM fieldbus coupler or controller and transmits the metrics to an energy management system. Communication is provided via multiple fieldbus systems (e.g., BACnet, KNX, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERNET or EtherNet/IP).

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