Offering high integration density across a width of just 24 mm, WAGO’s 750-439 8-Channel Digital Input Module receives NAMUR binary signals from sensors operating in hazardous environments of Zones 0 and 1. NAMUR sensors and optocouplers as well as mechanical contacts and other actuating elements can all be connected.

Short circuits and wire breaks can be evaluated separately from one another either optically (LED), or on the basis of the process data (process map). LED diagnosis can also be de-activated for contact monitoring via the control byte. Each sensor is supplied with a short-circuit-protected 8.2 V supply.

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is designed for installation in non-hazardous areas or in Zone 2/22. The system integrates sensors and actuators via intrinsically safe Ex i modules in Zones 0/20 and 1/21, without additional devices, such as Zener barriers or isolating amps. This allows Ex i applications to be safely and economically combined with standard automation applications.

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