Ergonomic, Efficient, Functional

Whether it is used in everyday life or under extreme conditions – the portable lamp 6148 is ideally equipped for every situation. This item offers all the standard LED advantages such as an extremely long service life of up to 50,000 hours, very bright light while requiring a low amount of energy and extreme resistance to thermal shocks and vibrations. The experienced engineers of R. STAHL however, have added further features: the durable enclosure is splash water protected and impact-resistant and after a charging time of less than 12 hours, the floodlight is ready for use for up to 8 hours. Additionally, its ergonomic design makes one-hand operation possible and for flexible applications, its head can be swiveled by 190°. Of course, the portable lamp fulfills all well-established Ex-standards and guidelines for Europe and abroad.

> Long burning time due to new LED technology

> Constant light intensity because of microprocessor controlled electronics, independent of the charge     condition of the battery

> Ergonomic one-hand operation, including continuous dimming via pushbutton

> Extreme brightness, low weight.

> Ergonomic one-hand operation

> Lamp head pivoting by 190°

> Long battery life.

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