Labfacility offer a range of Thermocouple & PRT cables / wire to suit various applications. The range consists of the following: PVC, PFA, PTFE & Glassfibre insulated thermocouple cables. We also offer retractable curly leads and extension leads. Available in IEC, ANSI & JIS colour specifications.

Thermocouple Cable / Wire

PVC Insulated Thermocouple Cable / Wire

Superior quality, PVC insulated thermocouple extension and compensating cables


PFA Insulated Thermocouple Cable / Wire

High quality, PFA insulated thermocouple extension cables. PFA insulation is extruded.


PTFE Insulated Thermocouple Cable / Wire

High quality, PTFE insulated thermocouple extension cables, PTFE is wrapped. Includes Single-Shot cable.


Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple Cable / Wire

Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple Cables – Superior silicone varnished glassfibre insulated thermocouple extension cables. Optional stainless steel overbraiding adds mechanical protection and screening.


Silicone Rubber Insulated Thermocouple Cable / Wire

Good electrical and mechanical properties, highly flexible, resistant to oils, acids and other adverse fluids. Good heat resistance to 200°C although not suitable for direct use in high pressure steam applications.


Extension Leads with Thermocouple Plugs & Sockets

PVC, PFA & Glassfibre Extension Leads in either with miniature or standard thermocouple plugs & sockets.



PRT Sensor Cable / Wire

PVC Insulated PRT Sensor Cable / Wire

PRT Sensor Cable / Wire – PVC Insulated, Tin Plated Copper Screen – Mylar shield with tin plated copper braiding Insulation colours red/white.

PTFE Insulated PRT Sensor Cable / Wire

PRT Sensor Cable / Wire – PTFE Insulated, Silver Plated Copper Screen – 4 cores PTFE insulated Silver plated copper screen.

PFA Insulated PRT sensor Cable / Wire

PRT Sensor Cable / Wire – PFA Insulated, Tin Plated Copper Screen Cable – Tin plated copper screen Insulation colours red/white.

Silicone Rubber Insulated PRT Sensor Cable / Wire

PRT Sensor cable / Wire – Silicone Rubber Insulated, Rounded Section – 7/0.2 copper conductors Silicone rubber cores & sheathed overall.

Guide to Wire and Cable Insulation and Coverings

Which insulation Material? usable temperature range Application Note
PVC -10°C to 105°C Good general-purpose insulation for “light” environments. Waterproof and very flexible.
-75°C to 250°C Resistant to oils, acids other adverse agents and fluids. Good mechanical strength and flexibility. PTFE better for steam/elevated pressure environments
(taped & wrapped)
-75°C to 250/300°C Resistant to oils, acids other adverse agents and fluids. Good mechanical strength and flexibility.
Glassfibre (varnished) -60°C to 350/400°C Good temperature range but will not prevent ingress of fluids. Fairly flexible but does not provide good mechanical protection.
High temperature glass fibre -60°C to 700°C Will withstand temperature up to 700°C but will not prevent ingress of fluids. Fairly flexible, not good protection against physical disturbance.
Ceramic Fibre 0 to 1000°C Will withstand high temperature, up to 1000°C. Will not protect against fluids or physical disturbance.
stainless steel
-60°C to 350/400°C Good resistance to physical disturbance and high temperature (up to 400°C). Will not prevent ingress of fluids.


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Technical Resources

We offer comprehensive reference guides for users of thermocouples, PRTs and thermistors and associated instrumentation.

Detailed enough for engineers and scientists, it is also suitable for technicians and students. Written with practical bias, the guides contain considerable reference data and basic theory and is therefore of great value as a training aid for those entering the field of temperature measurement and control.

The broad scope of the guides includes detailed temperature sensor guidance, sensor theory and practice and comprehensive applications guidance. The guides describe temperature control, transmitters, instrumentation and data acquisition and a reference section carries that has a wealth of data on thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometry.

The emphasis is on practical aspects, but the basic theory and applications aspects will be of particular interest to students and apprentices.

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Company Profile

Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables.

The Company has been trading since 1971 and is ISO 9001 accredited. We have two UK sites – West Sussex and South Yorkshire and export to over 85 countries, Shipments are made to world-wide destinations on a daily basis.

In addition to the stocked items, Labfacility also offers bespoke Temperature Sensors. We are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-built temperature sensors at our 18,000 square foot Yorkshire plant located in Dinnington. We also offer a wide range of components and fittings for sensor installation.

Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

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