ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of Ametek Level Measurement Solutions (LMS) Magnetrol brand E4 Modulevel displacer level transmitter. The Modulevel design continues the Magnetrol level measurement legacy by incorporating the trusted LVDT/Range Spring technology—which has been relied upon consistently in demanding industrial applications for decades.

The E4 Modulevel® is a state-of-the-art loop powered, two-wire instrument, utilizing simple buoyancy principles to detect and convert liquid level changes into a stable output signal. It offers the capability to output total level, interface level, or specific gravity. The linkage between the level sensing element and output electronics provides a purely mechanical design and construction. The vertical in-line design of the transmitter results in low instrument weight and simplified installation. The instrument comes in a variety of configurations and pressure ratings for varied applications.

The E4 Modulevel has microprocessor-based electronics with 4–20 mA/HART® digital output. E4 supports the FDT/DTM standard and a PACTware™ PC software package allows for additional configuration, diagnostics and trending capabilities.


Electronic displacer level transmitter technology operates by detecting changes in buoyancy force caused by liquid level change. These forces act upon the spring supported displacer causing vertical motion of the core within a linear variable differential transformer.


As the core position changes with liquid level, voltages are induced across the secondary windings of the LVDT. These signals are processed in the electronic circuitry and converted to a useable output signal. The enclosing tube acts as a static isolation barrier between the LVDT and the process media.

Interface Measurement

E4 Modulevel is capable of tracking the interface level of two immiscible liquids with different densities. Each unit is custom-made with a displacer specially designed for the user’s application. This allows it to detect the position of a clean interface or an emulsion layer and convert it into a stable 4–20 mA signal. Contact the factory for assistance in specifying an E4 for interface service. Note that for proper interface detection, the entire displacer must always be immersed in liquid.

A legacy of excellence:

Since 1932, the Magnetrol brand has provided best-in-class products and technology and is the acknowledged industry leader for robust mechanical, buoyancy-based level measurement solutions in harsh operating environments. This enhanced E4 transmitter aligns with the latest Magnetrol family of level transmitters, providing intuitive operation and exceptional ease-of-use through faster commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 Capable
  • No calibration required; configuration only
  • Available with 4–20 mA and HART® 7 with PACTware™ PC software and the Field Device Tool (FDT); AMS ready
  • NAMUR NE 107 diagnostic coverage
  • Range spring suppresses effects of turbulence to produce stable output signal
  • Full range of hazardous location approvals with international certifications
  • Order entire Modulevel or retrofit the latest transmitter onto existing displacer assemblies
  • In additional to total level, suitable for interface measurement or specific gravity output



Media: Liquids or slurries, clean or dirty, light

hydrocarbons to heavy acids (SG=0.23 to 2.20)

Vessels: Process & storage, bridles, bypass chambers,

interface, sumps & pits up to unit pressure & temperature ratings.

Conditions: Most liquid level measurement and control applications including those with varying dielectric, vapours, turbulence, foam, buildup, bubbling or boiling

and high fill/empty rates; liquid/liquid interface level

measurement or density control.