Mueller Electric manufactures high-quality test leads to ensure accurate and reliable measurements, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in your products.

Regular inspection, correct handling, and calibration will ensure your test leads remain in good condition and deliver accurate results for a long time.

Proper Handling and Storage, this will maintain the longevity with avoidance of sharp bends or twists that may damage the internal conductor or the insulation. Keep test leads stored in a clean and dry environment away from sunlight.

Inspection and Maintenance, replace cracked, damaged insulation or loose connections to prevent safety hazards or inaccurate readings.

Calibration and Accuracy, ensures your readings are accurate and consistent.

Enhance your testing procedures and stay ahead of the competitive landscape. Our design reflects 100+ years of innovation and improvement. For nearly a century, technicians and engineers have looked to Mueller Electric as “perfection…for the best connection.”

Mueller Electric manufactures a full line of test and interconnection leads for almost any application. We provide insulation in multiple connections, silicone and PVC insulations, any length, and a variety of colours.

Mueller Electric’s coaxial cables and fully insulated BNC receptacles provide additional safety in connecting to instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, voltmeters, and network analysers. Our BNC breakout test leads offer a wide variety of connector and clip combinations to meet your testing and connection needs.

The Mueller Electric range contains test leads with a wide range of fittings:

Alligator Clips, jaws that connect strongly and conveniently to components.

Probe Tips, designed for precision these are the most common type of test lead connector

Banana Plugs, offer a secure and reliable connection that is easy to attach and detach, making them ideal for frequent usage

Needle Probes, sharp, pointed ends that probe or piece insulation to make contact with conductors. Designed for precision testing

Passive Test Probes, measuring voltage, current, and resistance and do not require power to operate

Active Test Probes, used for complex measurements and require a power source.

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Since Mueller Electric was established in 1908 the company has innovated and developed to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of crocodile clips, sometimes called alligator clips, electrical connectors, wire and cable, cable lugs, test leads and patch cords, and cable assemblies for factory automation and temporary protective grounding.

With a Head Office and manufacturing facility in Akron, Ohio, the company operates in Europe through a regional Sales Office, Warehouse, and Distribution Centre in Nottingham.