Touch-screen operation

Mar 22, 2012 | Heat Transfer

The range of Loos horizontal packaged steam boilers from CFB Boilers all feature a graphic TFT display with a touch-sensitive screen for intuitive operation by end users. The panel is suitable for use in industrial situations and is brightly backlit with plenty of contrast, allowing even complex data to be clearly displayed.

The menus, graphics and symbols of the touch screen make sense at a glance – all available controls and regulating functions can be called up easily, and actual and setpoint values shown or changed simply. In addition, protective functions make operating errors impossible, so the boiler’s fuel consumption is as efficient as possible and safety risks are minimised.

Since process data is saved on the memory card and can be called up on the displays, proper analysis and optimisation of boiler operation is possible. Depending on the size of the memory card and the intervals programmed, daily or weekly figures can be accessed. Fresh data is never lost – when the memory card is full, the oldest data is automatically deleted in order to make room for the new entries.

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